Sometimes a homeowner will attempt to sell their property at Lake Ponderosa on their own and many have been successful such as the property owner below:

It appears to me that these buyers probably overpaid for this property considering they paid over $100,000 more than the property sold for 3 year prior. Also, a property just across the cove just sold for $200,000 that was 4 years newer and had more square footage.

It’s not uncommon for Realtors to work with FSBOs (For Sale By Owner). I have worked with several sellers in this capacity. Some work out and some don’t. When working with FSBOs, I always have my buyers best interest in hand. I provide all the necessary information so buyers can make an educated decision when making an offer. Since a Realtor is involved you can be sure that the proper inspections are completed and negotiated. You can also be assured that the transaction will be completed smoothly.